Tips and tricks for supporting and concealing what you've got without breaking dress code.
If you buy the whole stringy set, it'll set you back a cool $575.
Bra Fix - Bra Fitting Expert, Alba from Town Shop NYC recommends buying 4-5 bras per year and get a fitting at least once
Welcome to 2016, where you can be a bombshell without the padding.
9. You have to re-adjust the length of the straps at least once a day because that right one just loves to migrate to your
Irene Lu wearing her own design. Portrait by Henry Bedue MW: Where are the majority of your customers from? Then it's the
Shopping for intimates is, well, intimate. You can sheepishly poke at some chantilly lace and give a tentative nod to the
Moreover, in recent years, one of the growing and revolutionary platforms that can assist entrepreneurs in funding their business is the practice of crowdfunding, which is based on the willingness of a crowd to support and fund one's business.