Brad Furman

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It's a slick little thriller, Christopher Stetson Boal's Pimm's Mission, directed snugly by Terrence O'Brien at 59E59 as an Oberon Theatre Ensemble undertaking. By "little," I mean the drama packs its nastiness into only 60 minutes plus.
[via] The newly cast actor reportedly spent $15,000 of his own money to purchase a fat suit and prosthetic makeup
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Furman, director of this spring's "The Lincoln Lawyer," will helm a film about
It is rare that a book writer comes out in unbridled support of a film of his work, but that's me. The ten-year journey has been replete with serendipity and good luck.
At last Matthew McConaughey is doing what comes naturally -- playing a polished, almost to the point of slick, clever, defense attorney.
It's been awhile since Matthew McConaughey was at the center of a solid, watchable drama. But he's got a winner with The Lincoln Lawyer.