Brad Grey

His death comes just months after he left the studio.
But in the meantime, I will sigh contentedly, as I look around a room full of friends as we make our own picks for Best Film
Please Insult Me, Don RicklesThe stars came out Saturday night in Los Angeles -- not for another superfluous awards ceremony, but rather to watch a comic icon perform. "Mr. Warmth," Don Rickles, played the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills
Wings, the first Oscar best-picture winner (and only silent film winner), was the Star Wars or Avatar of its day.
Frank Sinatra's former home has been listed for $23.5 million. The seven bedroom, seven bathroom house was built in 1936
Get a sneak peak at Super 8, the upcoming science fiction film from J.J. Abrams, on this edition of the Cinefantastique Round
Michael Bay sent a scathing email to Paramount Studios before the release of "Transformers 2," complaining in effect that
After 25 years of marriage Brad and Jill are officially divorced -- as of May 15. The divorce papers don't say exactly how
After Mr. Cestero got to Greenberg Glusker he recalled that Fields, who represented Brad Grey in the Bo Zenga litigation, hired Pellicano.
A source close to the case mentioned that the statute runs out today on any charges in connection with Mr. Ovitz's alleged wiretapping of his enemies. So unless he committed perjury during his testimony today, Ovitz is in the clear.
We're learning how easy it is for someone at the phone company to wiretap our phones. All they have to do is punch in a couple of codes to access phone numbers, addresses, credit information...
Looking cool and collected, Mr. Grey took every opportunity to let the jury know that he had no knowledge of any illegal activity of Mr. Pellicano's
Ms. LeMasters recalled listening to phone calls in the case called "Kissy" by Mr. Pellicano. She also recalled doing work for Farrah Fawcett by obtaining the DMV and criminal history of her ex-boyfriend.
So while court was not in session, Bert Fields, the attorney for Brad Grey during the Shandling v. Grey lawsuit, made a statement attacking Garry Shandling's testimony, and Shandling's attorney responds.
Aware that the only thing that matters more to people in Hollywood than the location of their parking space is their title, Pellicano went for the jugular, insinuating that Tarita Virtue's title was meaningless.
Tarita finished Pellicano off with an abandoned puppy story... With Gary Shandling taking the stand tomorrow, I'd guess that Brad Grey isn't looking forward to testimony about what was done to him.
The big bombshells started coming when Ms. Virtue testified that Pellicano had been hired by Brad Grey to find out information on a screenwriter who was suing Grey over credit involving the film Scary Movie.
Read more on Fox News He is scheduled to stand trial in late February. Prosecutor Daniel Saunders has issued his list of
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