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By announcing Thursday that she is a female and wants to be identified as such, Chelsea Manning swiftly brought national attention to the struggles of transgender Americans. These fortune 500 companies offer excellent healthcare plans for all transgender employees.
Nevertheless, the military's post-sentencing treatment of Manning seems to be uniting LGBT groups. The Human Rights Campaign
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"Gender dysphoria is a serious medical condition in which a person's gender identity does not correspond to his or her assigned
Bradley Manning received a 35-year prison sentence on Wednesday, punishment for leaking troves of classified intelligence to the website WikiLeaks in 2010. The former Army private first class faced a maximum of 90 years in prison, and the prosecution was pushing aggressively for at least 60 years, meaning the final outcome was less harsh than it could have been.
Lady Gaga took to Twitter to comment on the sentencing of Bradley Manning to 35 years in prison, saying the news was "devastating
As the Cold War was winding down in 1989, Peri, then a U.S. Army specialist, disappeared from his Germany-based regiment
Zach Carter joins Mike Sacks to discuss Bradley Manning's sentence for leaking military secrets.
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FORT MEADE, Md. -- Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison on Wednesday for releasing 700,000 documents about