brady campaign to prevent gun violence

Music has always been key to helping to heal, create joy and bring communities together. If you agree that gun violence is a public health crisis in America, you can show your support for this issue on September 25.
With the Brady Campaign's recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton, many would assume she is the candidate with the best credentials
This holiday season take time to be grateful for your blessings while giving the gift of time or money to those who need it most. You may or may not know them but they are out there and a part of our community -- the world community.
Even without California's "bullet button loophole," high-powered rifles would have been easy to buy in neighboring states.
The background check legislation should be reintroduced in Congress today. The president must once again passionately fight for its passage. And all of us have the moral obligation to force our representatives to stand up against gun violence.
After thousands of mass shootings in the last 15 years with no action, now is as good a time as any for those of us in favor of sensible gun laws to reconsider our place in this situation, too. Massacres, and the response from all sides and all parties, has become routine. The sense of urgency is gone. Time to get it back.
Refuse to speak the words gun violence. Call it domestic terrorism. That's what it really is. Like my father, we must have the courage to take a stand. Let's refuse to be bullied by the NRA and the gun industry and their wealthy donors and highly-paid lobbyists.
Action after the deadly attack “for some reason was focused on the symbol of the Confederate battle flag,” Clyburn said, referencing
When your child goes to play at someone's house, you should ask, "Is there a gun at your house?" If the answer is yes, ask how it is stored. To be most safe, the gun should be locked up, unloaded, with the ammunition locked separately. If that's how the family stores their guns, you're good. If it's not, well, maybe it might be better to play elsewhere.