“How do I wash my hair? I’m happy to answer; that’s a work-appropriate question!”
Easy Tips To Show Your Hair Some TLC This Winter
The internet had opinions about the rapper's new do.
We asked natural hair stylists to share the best gifts for textured hair, including silk pillowcases, unique hair picks and shampoos that make detangling so much easier.
Where socialising in pubs is an important working class British tradition, Black barbershops and hair salons have long-been revered as safe spaces for people to convene and really be seen in more ways than one. These black hair styling business owners talk about what it means to be open after Covid-19 lockdown and why they are unique community hubs.
The things is, you'd actually be surprised - that when you finally speak to us and not at us - instead of wanting to take us, you'd undoubtedly stand with us.