"No blind people are going to live in Trump Tower. Just do it," Trump is reported to have told an architect working on the building's design.
Kids with visual impairments can get loving messages with their snacks through Braille stickers and audio boxes.
Original Art Basel (Miami) by Nelson Saiers. 2overcome by Nelson Saiers. Along with death and taxes, another certainty in
At times I've wondered why I was drawn to an understanding of how individuals with disabilities function in our environment. Although my direction began in earnest and continues relentlessly to explore how one's environment can support and nourish one's outlook and daily perspective. This is a passion that has grown since I was very young.
"We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability."
The face of the Dot smartwatch consists of four cells with six active dots, which rise and fall to produce the four Braille
Unfurling her collapsible cane, Cynthia Groopman strides toward the door of her room. Once she's in the hallway, she feels around the lock with her fingers until she "sees" the slot for the key.
All of this is why moments of academic achievement in the life of a child categorized as deaf-blind by school districts, a child a kindergarten teacher once called "unteachable" to my face, is worthy of a party.
Shubham is too young to be CEO of his own company, so his mother has taken the job, though she admits she wasn't too supportive
Forty regional events will take place in January, February and March as blind students in first through twelfth grades test
Ever since the patient's stroke, she'd been living in impenetrable darkness; tormented by memories of shapes and faces and letters, but powerless to perceive them in the world around her.
On Tuesday, the United States and the European Union informally asked developing nations to postpone any talks about approving
Two visually impaired teens also making headlines and inspiring communities recently are 15-year-old Kuha'o, whose unique
For 200 years, Braille has helped people without eyesight to read and live more independently. But some educators now fear