brain aging

But just a couple of glasses of wine a night could pose a risk to brain health, even though there are some cardiovascular
The new study builds on 2011 research from the same team, which showed that people who meditate exhibit less age-related
This research suggests that a physically active lifestyle helps preserve cognitive function. If you want to keep your marbles and your muscles, you better do more than Sudoku.
6. Be physical. Assuming your doctor approves, aggressive physical exercise is good for your body and, research is finding
Not everyone can be a "Super Ager", but by trying, you'll make your chances that much more likely for becoming a successful brain ager.
If you are wondering how your brain is aging, just look in the mirror. New research has drawn a link between aging of skin and aging of the brain.
Have you noticed little lapses in your memory as you're getting older? Could it be you're not getting enough exercise?