Trust your instincts. It's been my experience that if something feels wrong, it probably is. That doesn't mean your worst
I would be lying if I said it has been easy. It hasn't been. But through it all there is Lizzy. Her spirit and smile can light up a room. She adores her family, fashion, music, jewelry, and animals. It is her drive and spirit that spur me on when I literally have nothing left in my "mom tank."
In a new video (seen above) released by a Canadian news program, "The Agenda with Steve Paikin," Cantor describes his work
Ultrasound also has potential for mapping the connectivity of the brain. Neuroscientists are particularly interested in understanding
Last weekend I spent two days in the Napa Valley where $2.8 million dollars were raised by the fierce advocates for curing all brain disorders, Garen Staglin and Patrick Kennedy. They co-found One Mind for Research which aspires to end brain disease.
Eye-tracking has become the tech trend du jour. Advertisers use data on where you look and when to better capture your attention. Designers employ it to improve products. Game and phone developers utilize it to offer the latest in hands-free interaction.
“Visual scanning reflects a model of the world that exists inside the brain of each individual,” explains Moshe Eizenman
Awareness! And Awareness is what we have been focusing on this past month, as President Obama signed a proclamation declaring May as National Mental Health Awareness Month (the first president to do so!)
Although this was clearly more than just narcolepsy, it was possible that the constellation of symptoms was due to a small genetic alteration that included both a narcolepsy-causing gene and a mitochondrial gene located close by on the same chromosome.
On the morning of April 2, the president announced to a gathering of luminaries in the East Room of The White House a new and ambitious, decade-long research effort to uncover new ways to treat, prevent, and cure brain disorders.
"DNA comes in double strands, and has the shape of a twisted ladder," said researcher Lennart Mucke, a neurologist and neuroscientist
Mr. President, you have daunting tasks in front of you but know that you are not alone. This country is finally uniting and awareness of mental health issues has been catapulted to eveyone's consciousness over the past month since that day of horror where so many lives ended in an unthinkable way.
We can do this... we can turn our outrage and pain into fuel to catapult us to work together to prevent such tragedies in the future. Bright, inspiring hope prevails and is revealed to us in our work every single day.
With all of the incredible advances in care for mental illness, there is a huge roadblock between people and the treatment they need: the stigma and shame that pervade our culture regarding mental illness.
Patrick Kennedy is challenging scientists to see "innerspace" as the new frontier, a moonshot into the mind to explore brain circuitry and impaired genes and to develop research that can be translated into therapies and cures for all brain disorders.
For nearly 25 years, Patty Duke has traveled around the country educating audiences on brain disorders such as hers and speaking out about the stigma that goes along with being diagnosed with a "mental illness."
A hand that spontaneously buttons and unbuttons your shirt against your will. The inability to recognize your own mother’s
On the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's moonshot speech, there is considerable hope in Boston. Fifty years later, another Kennedy has brought us to the brink of a new frontier.
New details from a University of Minnesota researcher's initial tests show the stem cells actually make it to the brain when
While the normal brain is the site of reason and intelligence, the talk show host brain, dependent on bias and fanaticism to filter information, cannot distinguish rumor from fact.