brain eating amoeba

A Seattle woman died from a rare brain-eating amoeba after using a neti pot with unsterilized tap water.
The test results come a week after 18-year-old Lauren Seitz died from an amoeba she contracted at the park.
Lauren Seitz, 18, is remembered as a compassionate music lover.
A mother in Georgia says after she and her husband lost their 6-year-old son, they came home to find that he had left them a special note.
(Reuters) - A Texas teenager who contracted a rare brain-eating disease after swimming in a lake about 70 miles (110 km) north
A 21-year-old woman from Bishop, California, has reportedly died from a rare but devastating infection caused by a brain
Although deadly, infections are exceedingly uncommon—there were only 34 reported in the U.S. during the past 10 years—but
The CDC recommends diminishing risk by limiting water contact with nose (hold nose shut, use nose clips, or keep head above
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But in fact Miami Children's Hospital doctors say the teen is suffering from primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM), in