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The free language app Duolingo follows a similar approach. Duolingo slowly builds up to more challenging vocabulary and grammatical
A new study deals a blow to the billion-dollar industry.
Take the time to pause and open your mind to those things which you do not fully understand. You will be the better for it -- and, as your feelings of awe ripple out through acts of kindness, so will the rest of us.
In my mind, that's the real brain game. To find ways to harness our brain's lifelong neurogenesis (creation of new neurons) and neuroplasticity (how the brain changes itself responding to experience) to lead happier, fuller lives.
Spilman's prepared remarks consisted largely of useful, realistic advice about how to delay the cognitive decline most of us will experience at some point. The audience, ranging from 20-somethings to more than a few senior citizens, was furiously note-taking throughout (or furiously jotting down questions for the Q&A session to follow.)
These days it seems there are more programs about food on basic cable networks than there are viewers available to watch them. It follows, then, that introducing new specials and series on this burgeoning subject, especially on a network not known for food programming, calls for special marketing and publicity strategies.
We need much more than "memory" or "intelligence" in order to enjoy our lives, so it is important to learn how to enhance and maintain a variety of brain functions -- not just one.
With all the buzz about brain games -- such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and even brain training websites -- it begs the question: Can brain games be beneficial to brain health? As a cognitive neuroscientist, this is a question I get asked a lot. And the answer is yes and no.
Although Alzheimer's is at least partially genetic, there is plenty we can do to keep our minds sharper. The technology we depend upon to keep our lives together, however, only seems to make us more scattered.
Given advances in imaging technology, we now know that the brain is affected by every experience, thought and emotion.
Your brain remains highly malleable throughout your life, an asset known as neuroplasticity. Healthy adults who learn to
Think that you're too old to spend time playing games? Nonsense! Just think of it as doing a mental workout. Doing word puzzles
By Emma Haak Try these six no-fail strategies to keep your powers of recall sharp.
If you've been through cancer treatment and you are struggling with memory or concentration issues, you may be hoping for that doorway back to your pre-cancer self. One area researchers are investigating to whisk you there is cognitive (re)training with specially-designed software.
Over the course of five to eight weeks, one group was given computerized crossword puzzles to complete, while the other three