Some of our most treasured memories begin with a simple association: the smiling face of that special someone, tied forever
"The learning we induced during sleep was just to change the emotional value of the different locations of the environments
To test the hypothesis, Frankland and his team first compared the stability of memories in adult mice versus 17-day-old mice
"This provides very strong and compelling evidence that memories in the human brain undergo reconsolidation, and that a window
There are a great many ways to work at maintaining and even improving your memory functions as you get older, and there's no question that both mental and physical stimulation keep your brain sharp. But the simple truth is that our memories may not be fading as quickly as we think.
How do our brains get rid of information we think is "useless" -- and why does that label seem to apply to more information the older we get? A new study offers some tantalizing clues.