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According to Dr. Terry Sejnowski, a pioneer in computational neuroscience at the Salk Institute, your brain can hold petabytes
Ramirez hopes that scientists will one day find a way to prevent depressive symptoms from occurring in the first place. "This
According to Polyn, if a person studies a list of items, and then searches their memory to try to report back those items
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"Just a tiny bit of emotional arousal will influence whether you remember something just a few minutes later," memory researcher
But Cochrane surprised doctors by being able to remember certain things. Although his personal memories were gone, he could
"Once memories are formed, if you temporarily disrupt protein synthesis, it doesn’t affect long-term memory," Glanzman said
Previous research indicates musicians have better language processing skills and enhanced working memory when compared to
Our memories are annoyingly glitchy. Names, dates, birthdays, and the locations of car keys fall through the cracks, losses
For the most part, the brain stops producing new neurons—a process called neurogenesis—soon after birth. In humans, mice