brain stimulation

Want to just press a button and have all of your problems go away? Silicon Valley is trying to figure it out.
Brain stimulation has gone DIY -- but some neuroscientists aren't on board.
The electric currents administered were designed to enhance alpha wave oscillations, naturally occurring electrical patterns
If we want every citizen to adopt more positive lifestyles, especially as we face longer and more demanding lives, it is imperative that we better empower and equip ourselves with the right cognitive and emotional resources and tools.
Studies like this one raise the ethical issue of whether it's a good idea to use such technologies on healthy people to change
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A new study has found that electronic stimulation to a certain part of the brain could help you appreciate art better. Science
Several of the patients had side effects, including pain and nausea, and one patient had a seizure, but that was the only
Feb 7 (Reuters) - Using weak electrical currents passed into the brain through a headband may help relieve depression symptoms
A century of psychological research shows that under laboratory conditions, the expected solution rate for the "nine-dot" problem is 0 percent. But in their prior research, Allan Snyder and his colleagues have found that zapping the brain leads to increased insight. Enter a recent study.