brain teasers

Focus­ing atten­tion is effort­ful. And as we age it often gets harder and harder to con­cen­trate. But focus­ing our atten­tion on the task at hand is key for bet­ter mem­ory performance... so what can we do to improve con­cen­tra­tion AND memory?
Look­ing for some fun, and free, cog­ni­tive stim­u­la­tion this Decem­ber? Here you have a few quick brain teasers to challenge your atten­tion and your work­ing mem­ory-the abil­ity to keep infor­ma­tion in your mind while work­ing on inte­grat­ing, pro­cess­ing it.
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6. Be physical. Assuming your doctor approves, aggressive physical exercise is good for your body and, research is finding
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Marilu Henner, who many remember as the character Elaine on the sitcom "Taxi," is the author of Total Memory Makeover: Uncover Your Past, Take Charge of Your Future. She is one of only 12 documented cases of Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, or HSAM.