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Seriously, stop suggesting your product honors those who died in the Sept. 11 attacks.
Facebook Advertising Is Starting to Look Gimmicky Perhaps the media landscape is changing, but that doesn't mean that users
What does the future of branded content look like on GIPHY? What do you think the rise of GIPHY says about how we communicate
In the work I do with brands across the nation, I always begin our conversation with this exploratory question: What do you want to be known for in your business?
In the end, the best idea still wins. However, as I think about integration opportunities, I am excited for the expanded toolbox we have to play with. As an industry, we are only limited by our own definition.
I swear I have the same experience on branded content campaigns. This is a made-up example, but I bet it will ring true to
The rise of "content" is a fundamental 21st century marketing phenomenon. But is "advertising," deliberate messages broadcast at one time to swathes of people, dead?
In 1981, Ferer founded two businesses. Vidicom became the first to videotape fashion runway shows and an out-of-home television
Microsoft's Dynamics product is a line of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software applications. Not exactly the type of content you'd search for on YouTube. But the product line's creative marketing team has been able to get viewers to do just that.