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The shutdown stalemate highlights how the president’s strategies contradict best practices, negotiation experts explain.
By Annika Grassl The ability to advocate for yourself and others is increasingly important in today’s social and political
By Maria Madison, ScD Whether through a painting, artifact or object, thoughtful museums and historic sites share stories
For many families, forgoing pay for up to 12 weeks, even in the midst of serious health needs, is highly unrealistic.
The general issue of whether research can influence policymakers is not new.
Hi, Pranay: It was fifty years ago today... I could have this completely wrong, I realize, but the date that has always stuck
As seniors in college looking forward to life's next hurdles - graduation and employment - it is important to retain a sense of feeling important.
For any one of these aspects of the life of Louis Brandeis -- lawyer, scholar, justice -- we would remember him today as a figure of insight, brilliance, creativity, and moral courage. The combination renders him an extraordinary figure in the practice of law, legal scholarship, judicial craftsmanship and jurisprudence, and civic activism on both a national and international scale.
"We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few," Louis Brandeis wrote, "but we can't have both."