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The group pried loose shocking dashcam video showing the police killing of Laquan McDonald, 17.
Chicago officials released video of McDonald's death on Tuesday after a judge ordered them to do so.
According to The Courier-Journal, Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers (R) disagreed with Smith's request. Republican
In 1979, Smith fathered a baby during a one-night stand with 23-year-old Karen Lakey, who kept the child a secret until she
Kentucky state Sen. Brandon Smith (R) claimed that man-made climate change is scientifically implausible because Mars and Earth share “exactly” the same temperature.
In a condemnatory speech last week against the Obama administration’s new Environmental Protection Agency carbon emission
Police told WTVR-TV that one neighbor reported hearing dogs barking between 2 and 3 a.m.. That’s when she believes the eggs
"The looks on people's faces and the reactions is the best part," Smith told "We've had a few people
"Skating with the Stars" contestant Brandon Smith was taken to a hospital moments ago after having difficulty breathing while