After 26 years, the Grammy winner and the actor Paolo Montalban will reprise their fairy-tale roles in “Descendants: Rise of Red.”
The Grammy winner will reprise her role as the iconic princess in “The Pocketwatch,” a Disney+ addition to the "Descendants" franchise.
The singer explained that she was focused on her recovery and "following doctors' orders."
Brandy Norwood joins HuffPost Live to discuss the possibility of acting in another TV show.
“Brandy gave that Jack Harlow performance the seasoning it needed,” one Twitter user wrote.
The singer also discussed the “Moesha” reboot and an ironically timed anniversary for “Sittin’ Up in My Room.”
They channel singers Brandy and Whitney Houston like no other.
In the 90s girl groups dominated the music charts, whether it was En Vogue, Xscape, SWV, and later Destiny's Child, the music world was strong with female empowerment.