Branson, Missouri

A woman sassed him in a Missouri diner after he suggested that Democrats and Republicans could "work together" after the midterm elections.
The amphibious vehicle reportedly began to sink as severe thunderstorms moved through the area.
The only thing this Nu Yawka knew about Country was when we moved to Nu Joisey, all our Nu Yawk relatives clucked in pity at our moving to the country. This was practically covered wagon days, when Joisey was really considered Country.
Now that Andy Williams is gone, I wasn't sure I could get through the holidays without shedding a tear every time I heard his soothing voice belting out, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."
Operation Blessing International Operation Blessing has sent a convoy of relief vehicles, including a mobile food truck that
Powerful storms battered the Midwest early Wednesday, leaving a path of destruction across several states. Tornadoes were
The Harrisburg Medical Center was reportedly damages by the storm, but remained open to treat the injured. Vince Ashley, CEO
Branson, Mo. and other towns in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska were hit by deadly storms Wednesday morning. At least one person