For more pictures of the makeunders, head over to Tree Change Dolls. Singh says she plans to start selling the dolls on Etsy
It may be pretty in pink when we're kids and tweens, but when adolescents start to find changes in their bodies -- some faster than others -- girls may look at themselves in the mirror and compare their bodies to an impossible image.
Miniskirts, fishnet stockings, feather boas. It all sounds sexy - 'til you realize it's being sported by that every-girl-wants-one Bratz doll.
We can do better than feed a continuous diet of dolls that celebrate eating disorders to our kids, and then wonder why they are expressing a desire to diet as early as third grade.
Check out the fun and games at Mattel. But the real boon for the company was its victory over Bratz doll maker MGA Entertainment
A jury will learn that the creator of the popular Bratz doll erased files from his computer two days before handing it over
Maybe "makeover" is a concept adults can stomach when we watch the neverending stream of reality shows, but I'm not sure that's a great message for 8-year-olds.
Who exactly is buying Bratz dolls? They are a mother's marketing nightmare. The name alone: Who wants to glamorize and encourage daughters to become brats?