A combatant reportedly said trouble started "because one person was looking at them."
Adults attack employees at Chuck E. Cheese over broken photo booth
A dramatic airplane brawl nearly forced a flight to make an emergency landing.
Palin War on Women
Looking back on several of the skirmishes during the day, one protester told the WorldPost, "My parents run several mahjong
Yes, for those of you who were out hunting and missed it, the 49th state's favorite, half-term, ex-governor and her clan are home for a spell and back at it again. This time it's a made-for-the-internet brawl in Oceanview, an upper middle-class Anchorage neighborhood.
Sarah Palin and her family were reportedly involved in a messy, drunken brawl last Saturday near Anchorage, Alaska.
Clay Cane, Chloe Melas and Rebecca Carroll join HuffPost Live to discuss "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" reunion.
When the fight was over, Williams had an emotional breakdown and repeatedly told her castmates that she couldn't believe