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Brazil is now in the throes of a perfect storm of problems. Rousseff's Labor Party, once considered to be the most honest
Brazil was heading into the semifinals of world development as an odds-on favorite. How did the country go from world-class performer to global embarrassment in what seems like the blink of an eye?
Chances are you have passed by one of Eduardo Kobra's street art murals. His kaleidoscope style images have transformed city walls and sidewalks across the globe into colorful sights that pay homage to some of the world's most influential figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Dalai Lama.
These patterns of legal exceptionalism are part of the same culture in which systemic, ongoing corruption flourished. Shining a light on overt corruption is an important part of combating the human rights harms associated with FIFA events. But corruption is only part of the story.
Nike, the world's largest footwear maker, said in May that charging documents regarding the FIFA bribery scandal do not allege
What do you think deserves better coverage in the press? What are you most grateful for? What was the greatest challenge
A lack of transparency at one of the world's most important sports institutions.
Our literature is a treasure that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Abroad, meanwhile, our writers are revered
"The stadiums are so big that it is almost absurd," Macaux told Fast Company. Their "almost absurd" sizes would allow an
My "love letter" to Sepp Blatter, to the tune of Jay Z's "Dear Summer".