break in

Lynn Sarver got her mastiff, Benton, for protection. How well did that work?
We're hearing for the first time the 911 recording of the moments when a west Phoenix woman, huddled in her bathroom, confronted and shot a man charged with breaking into her home. She was on the phone with 911 before, during, and after the shooting till officers arrived.
The intruder proceeded to break into her window. "He stopped banging on the door after about 10 minutes and ripped a screen
Wow, Notre Dame. It’s not in your Catholic nature to do things like this. One shameless Notre Dame 19-year-old breaks into
I came home with my roommates and friends with a sense of foreboding and an apartment door slightly ajar. We turned on the lights and inspected our rooms.
Talk about terrifying! According to Page Six, Keri Russell awoke around 3 a.m. this morning (Dec. 4) to the frightening realization
Benjamin Hallman joins Mike to discuss a rise in break-in reports in thefts of foreclosed homes.
Banana, lobster accused of breaking into UNC student union and stealing sculpture
It may not have been as dramatic or funny as the movie, but the story of a 10-year-old girl who was home alone when burglars
London's Metropolitan Police said Leanne Zaloumis, 29, would appear at West London magistrates' court on Monday charged with
The Suwanee office of an OB/GYN group that opposes state legislation that would change abortion laws has had equipment containing
She shot the suspect several times -- hitting him in the chest, groin, thigh and back. He was pronounced dead at the scene
The couple walked away with a few cuts and bruises, KTLA reports. Police told the station they were glad the couple survived
Curious about the ICCAE ? David Price over at Counterpunch happens to be reporting in depth on the group. According to Price
Whatever this guy had planned for the night, we don't want to know. Read more on
In Glenn Beck's mind it doesn't add up. How can it be that people who are treated badly are not filled with hate?