The committee also announced that the Paris Games will feature 100% gender equality in its athlete quotas.
The LA-area suspect busted a move -- and then he got busted
The New Zealand officers raised the roof.
Tommy Ly lost his right leg at 18 years old, but that hasn't kept him off the dance floor.
Tommy "Guns" Ly hasn't let his prosthetic leg stop him from becoming an incredible b-boy.
Photos by: Jessica Bolaños and Nelson Vanegas, Goodspero Indeed it is dude. Indeed it is. In the end, the winner who took
A newly married Jordanian couple made their day even more magical -- by sharing their first dinner as husband and wife with over 200 refugees living in their city..FW
It was easy for me to come up with questions to interview the multi-talented and ever so handsome Elvis Nolasco.
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter With moves like those, the two will definitely not be receiving any dance challenges
As if the art of breakdancing isn't already challenging enough, this talented B-boy taught himself how to maneuver through