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In 2014 the hip-hop artist, Future, suffered a major loss in transit to a show in Dubai. Oddly enough, it's not what you'd expect. He didn't lose a life of someone he loved but rather Future lost his friend and his own freedom.
Though he explained that no one has really told the story correctly, Kapelos says that one day on set he did call out Estevez
It may be hard to believe, but Sunday marked thirty years since Principal Vernon supervised a group of five teenagers in the John Hughes classic “The Breakfast Club.” So, thirty years later, where are those teens now?
If you let the music lead, the television viewing audience will follow (without the need for sex tapes, physical fights or
In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Saturday detention in The Breakfast Club, we decided to imagine a 2014 remake of The Breakfast Club
But, best of all, there was the beautiful heart-to-heart that reminded every single viewer that everyone's struggling, and
The 'Breakfast Club' got together 30 years ago today.
We flashback to the spring of 2004, a small suburban home in Northern Virginia, Dan sits at a computer… Read more on
Porky's is the kind of movie that sticks with a pre-teen forever. One might even go so far as to call it sticky. However one describes this beloved classic, it's clear that it left a stain.
'There's been nothing to replace it,' she told Us. 'Until something comes along that can hold a candle to these movies, they