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By November we'll spy On which road we'll go; Have we chosen the high Or selected the low. You've sacrificed nothing. Not
With House Speaker Paul Ryan's (R-WI) endorsement last week, Donald Trump became the presumed Republican presidential nominee. But despite his almost constant media coverage, Trump's position on gay rights has remained surprisingly ambiguous.
With Bernie Bro's to the left of her, Trump dudes to the right, and far too few straight white males in her own column, you'd think Hillary Clinton would realize she has a white guy problem. Maybe she knows it, but what is the campaign doing about it?
Ultimately it's the president's call, and all signs are that he will make a nomination. The most practical option Obama seems to have is to tap someone who is "safe," a palatable nominee, who is philosophically centrist, steadfast and has a long judicial record of rulings and writings that support that stance.
We can provide Americans with economic opportunity, create jobs, and expand our businesses through a bipartisan multi-year transportation bill that rebuilds our crumbling infrastructure.
A former senate staffer who was arrested on child pornography charges last month has been found dead after taking his own life.
As a grand jury began its proceedings, Loskarn was released from custody and was residing at his parents' home in Maryland
Representatives Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.) and Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) are retiring, according to Democratic party sources.
McIntyre would have been a top target of Republicans in 2014, despite his opposition to the Affordable Care Act and more
"The people who are doing the fighting and are the major force are moderates," McCain said. "And anybody who tells you anything