Breaking the Silence

These ads from Sage Therapeutics provoked many negative reactions
Black Voices
In opening our church's free mental health clinic, we are filling a void often left unattended by the Black clergy.
Taking action in support of survivors doesn’t necessarily require marching or protesting.
That is not our locker room.
They will avoid it at all costs, even when that means their well-being, and even their lives. They want to talk about it
As overwhelming as this list is, it is by no means exhaustive. The journey to make your family may be the toughest battle of your entire life.
Many of you have probably already read about Brock Turner, a former Stanford athlete who was found guilty of sexually assaulting
Reporting rape, assault, or harassment is an act of bravery, but not reporting is an act of bravery also. Not reporting means understanding the reality of our society's impossible expectations for survivors.
Only in a rape culture can sexual assault be referred to as "20 minutes of action."
"You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me, and that’s why we’re here today."
Mostly, I suppose that I want you to know that you didn't break me. I know now that someone like you, hateful and selfish, could never break someone like me. I used the pain and the fear and the shame to make myself into a better person than I ever hoped that I could be.
At this school, if you report being raped but you let someone of the opposite sex into your bedroom, you could be the one who gets sanctioned.
Oregon State University may be doing better than any other school in the country on this issue -- and that's according to the woman who says it mishandled her report of being gang-raped.
Queer Voices
I debated whether or not I should go; whether my appearance within this performance would also be tokenizing and uphold the idea that the Oscars and media depictions of rape are "more diverse" than they often are. My parents told me I was being ridiculous; obviously I had to go. And the reality is that I wanted to give myself this experience.