breakup letter

Getting your flirt on at camp is rough these days. Chin up, little guy. Take it from us; that bad boy act gets old after
Breaking up is hard to do. But if we're being completely honest here, breaking up after only a few months of dating doesn't
If communication is the cornerstone of a good relationship, this little guy has a tough road ahead of him. Seriously, Shawn
7. The probably-sent-by-a-second-grader breakup letter: 9. The pizza box breakup letter: (via Imgur) (via Gramfeed) 8. The
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After a breakup, it can be cathartic to list all the things you won't miss about your ex. But sending the list to him or
Breaking up: You could trot out the ol' "we need to talk" line and do it face-to-face -- or you could get creative and slightly creepy like the woman who wrote this breakup letter did.
Oh, snap, that's intense. Is it just us, or do those little hearts make the whole thing a lot more ominous? Below, 11 equally
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The horse-dancing, your son threatening to beat up the president, your lies about simultaneously lowering taxes and balancing the budget -- it's all been pretty thrilling.