Perhaps such alternatives will help open up supporters to something other than what critics call “pinkwashing." Are you advocating
ACCUSED OF 'PINK-WASHING' SodaStream: "The extent of the impact of this story was a small handful of consumer emails. Sorry
It's October, and to many of us that means one thing: pink ribbons. But how many of us stop to read the labels on the products those ribbons adorn?
Lyden also spoke to Katrina McGhee, of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, who defended the organization's record. NPR's Jacki Lyden
When you are peddling fried chicken breasts in the name of addressing breast cancer, you are distracting us from an ongoing battle about the use of atrazine in the creation of that food.
Would Eli Lilly consciously risk our health just to increase their profit? What kind of company are they, and can we trust them with our food?