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Pesky notifications might actually be good for your health.
"Unfortunately (overweight and obesity) is just a growing problem in Western countries," said Hudis, who is chief of the
We are all exposed to environmental factors that might ratchet up the risk of cancer. This report offers all of us the hope of staving off a substantial number of breast cancer cases in the coming decades.
A new study published in Cancer finds that women who had early stage breast cancer had better survival rates if they had lumpectomy and radiation as opposed to total mastectomy.
"We are sure there are a lot of other factors, other than just fear, going into this," she said. "We need to understand what
New research by scientists at Kaiser Permanente and published in the November 2012 issue of the journal Breast Cancer Research
In the last decades we have made much progress toward identifying and characterizing the pathways that lead to cancer development, but we also know that we have only just skimmed the surface of potential targeted therapy.
Both of the two-day, low-carb options resulted in greater weight loss than full-time dieting. On average, women on the so
"This is the first [study] to see those reductions in that older age range," co-author Dr. Harry J. de Koning, also of the