breast cancer survivors

"Breast cancer is not pink, it is not all about boobs and bras; breast cancer is terrifying and dangerous."
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During the first year of breast cancer treatment, the women who participated in the stress management program experienced
When Arslani finished chemotherapy, Oprah reached out once again. "I got a handwritten note. 'I hold you in my prayers. Thank
The girlfriend was an aspiring writer in New York City, so she wrote a poem to my mom, and accompanied it with a charcoal
"One of the wonderful things about treating breast cancer is that we do have so many women who survive it in the long term
In partnership with the makers of Genius 3D mammography, here are eight inspiring quotes from our favorite celebrities. 3
Eighty years young, Pearle beautifully illustrates how breast cancer has been transformed from a fatal affliction into a
"I feel like God gave me cancer," she said. "The first time, of course, it was devastating -- but when I found out it came