breastfed babies

I'm not one of those moms desperately wishing her kid slept through the night. I'm one of those moms who counts the number of times one of her kids has slept through the night after he stopped nursing. Because it is that small of a number.
Hollie McNish's viral poem about the public shaming of breastfeeding & Toula Foscolos' unfortunately poignant observation about the real place of boobs in our culture begs the question....why can't we all agree about the role of breasts in society?
Gina Crosley-Corcoran posted a photo on Facebook of her toddler breastfeeding. Is that going too far, or do we all just need to grow up?
Breastfeeding whenever, wherever a child is hungry is an integral component of breastfeeding success. To take that away is to inhibit mothers who only want to do right by their child.
The uncensored truth wouldn't have dissuaded me from breastfeeding my baby (the benefits are just too compelling), but it would have helped me cope with the seemingly endless barrage of challenges.