Any cancer patient will tell you that the fear of a cancer's recurrence is with them all the time. For many, follow-up can
Manoj Jain MD MPH and Mark Muesse Ph.D Now, begin Loving-Kindness Compassion meditation. A meditation which has been taught
Recently, I started my own little grass roots effort on social media using the hashtag #Just3Breaths. It's resonating and
What's the one thing that we all have 24 hour access to, is free, we can use as much as we'd like and is a powerful natural way to help us find clarity, focus and be present? You guessed it... breath!
You can take back the moment with a single, but special, exhale.
In this era of overwhelming digital and electronic technology, we can all benefit from a day or more of unplugging and taking a nice break from technology.
Every morning there are 4 steps you can take to set yourself up for optimal performance and success. High Performance Psychologist and Co-Founder of Win Forever Consulting Michael Gervais explains these steps and why they're invaluable.
If you do practice these steps of goodwill towards yourself, then magically, in the true spirit of Christmas and giving, you will be able to care and love others much more deeply, in a much more sustainable way.
Let yourself breathe deeply, consciously and lovingly. Let every breath affirm you. Take life in hugely. Let it go utterly. Live large. And let this next breath open up your world!
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness