Any cancer patient will tell you that the fear of a cancer's recurrence is with them all the time. For many, follow-up can
Manoj Jain MD MPH and Mark Muesse Ph.D Now, begin Loving-Kindness Compassion meditation. A meditation which has been taught
Recently, I started my own little grass roots effort on social media using the hashtag #Just3Breaths. It's resonating and
We can wake ourselves up by increasing our oxygen level by breathing deeply. Or conversely, we can put ourselves to sleep with a kind of meditation of shallow breathing, and repeating silently the words to the rhythmic "in" and "out" like a mantra.
What's the one thing that we all have 24 hour access to, is free, we can use as much as we'd like and is a powerful natural way to help us find clarity, focus and be present? You guessed it... breath!
You can take back the moment with a single, but special, exhale.
In this era of overwhelming digital and electronic technology, we can all benefit from a day or more of unplugging and taking a nice break from technology.
This feels like a dance sometimes and like an ordeal at others but always, when I am in touch with it, life feels like a great adventure.
Whether you decided to focus on one job at a time on Single Tasking Day or not, make it a goal to decrease distractions and improve focus and attention. Enjoy accomplishing more, doing a better job on each undertaking, and spending less time on every assignment.