breed specific legislation

Nothing indicates the horror of Montreal's pit bull ban better than this: PETA's mealy-mouthed congratulations.
Flush with the success of his pit bull ban, Mayor Denis Coderre of Montreal has vowed to pursue further worthless legislation in an effort to ensure that his city becomes scorned worldwide, and ideally an international pariah.
In the debate over whether pit bulls should be banned, Montreal's mayor has demonstrated rare grit. It takes backbone to stand firmly against every professional organization on the continent, and to embrace heroic ignorance.
A dog registered as a boxer has killed a woman in Montreal, so the mayor is calling for a ban on pit bulls. This would be amusing, if it weren't so predictable and depressing.
Imagine coming home to discover that, without any warning, police and city officials have entered your house while you were out and removed your beloved dog, leaving a warrant taped to the front door saying that your dog has been deemed "illegal."
Officials say he looks like a pit bull, which are banned in the township.
Excerpt from Zak George's Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love. Bottom line: Don't
Advocates have said for years that breed-specific legislation just doesn't work.
I wasn't always a criminal. Mom and dad raised me with the same values as any good Midwestern parent does. This ranged from
These dogs made us laugh. They made us cry. Sometimes they even wore pajamas.
More states are taking a tough stance on animal cruelty.
Each one celebrates and supports pits. We're having a hard time choosing just one!