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Just after the IOC gave athletes the go ahead to speak their minds, the Russian police arrested four activists in St Petersburg under the LGBT propaganda laws.
Brendon Ayanbadejo believes Chris Kluwe is "100% right" in claiming his views led to him losing his job in the NFL. Kluwe
Adam Bouska's "NOH8" Campaign, originally formed as a response to California's Proposition 8, added NFL star and former Superbowl
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Recently minted Super Bowl champion Brendon Ayanbadejo has been a pioneer for gay rights and marriage equality as it relates to the NFL.
Well in 2009, a lot of guys started snickering and making comments and saying Brendan's coming out, and I'd say, yeah, Brendan's
If these are just football matters, why are we seeing all the headlines about these men being cut for supporting gays and lesbians? It's simple: Because people still want to believe that the NFL hates gay people.
"I think the sacrifice would be worth it," he said. "Now, I would hope that I would get the chance to play football again
Watch the clip above. "The beautiful thing about what Brittney Griner did is that it barely made a splash. And that's what
Aside from clearing the air on his release, Ayanbadejo also revealed that as many as four current NFL players could come