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Just after the IOC gave athletes the go ahead to speak their minds, the Russian police arrested four activists in St Petersburg under the LGBT propaganda laws.
"He's 100% right and I've been saying it all along from the start," Ayanbadejo told TMZ. "You're talking about a guy who
Take a look at the photo below, then scroll down to keep reading: Other participants in the campaign have included Kim Kardashian
As of late, there has been a few LGBT-friendly mobile applications to hit the market. On May 6, "RuPaul's Drag Race: Dragopolis
Recently minted Super Bowl champion Brendon Ayanbadejo has been a pioneer for gay rights and marriage equality as it relates to the NFL.
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If these are just football matters, why are we seeing all the headlines about these men being cut for supporting gays and lesbians? It's simple: Because people still want to believe that the NFL hates gay people.
Shortly after his release, Ayanbadejo said he believed his advocacy played a role in the Ravens' decision to let him go. This
He also expounded upon his previous announcement that a few gay NFL players will soon come out. In April, the 36-year-old
"They do things the right way," Ayanbadejo said. "I'm totally cool with them. I'm a Raven for life." "We're in talks with
"The religious roots are a lot deeper in basketball and football," he told the publication. "With that being said, I think
Eight days before the gayest Super Bowl week on record, I walked toward the Baltimore Ravens' locker room in New England
"I stand with Brendon and every other person, athlete and non-athlete alike, who says that discrimination in any form is
Despite the recent furor regarding anti-gay comments made by San Francisco 49ers' players in the weeks leading up to the
Ayanbadejo said he plans to use the Super Bowl as a platform to talk about same-sex marriage. Update at 6:26pm ET on January
“On the phone Tuesday afternoon, Ayanbadejo called that missive his “Jerry Maguire email,” referring to the Tom Cruise movie