Breonna Taylor

It's the largest crowd to gather at a U.S. sporting event since the coronavirus pandemic began.
Taylor's death prompted a national debate about the use of so-called “no knock” search warrants.
Who better to tell the inside story of the tragedy than one of its perpetrators?
The law only permits no-knock warrants if there is “clear and convincing evidence” that the crime being investigated “would qualify a person, if convicted, as a violent offender.”
Kenneth Walker III contends his constitutional rights were violated when officers carried out a lethal raid of Taylor's apartment while searching for drugs not found.
Over a year, the death of the 26-year-old Kentucky EMT became a symbol of racial injustice.
The Justice Department inquiry appears to have expanded well beyond the actions of the three police officers who fired their guns into Taylor’s home.
Kenneth Walker "was framed and charged to cover up Breonna’s killing," defense lawyer Steve Romines said. "This is but a first step.”
A look back at the year’s most notable events, from wildfires in Australia, racial justice protests in the United States and a pandemic around the world.
The artist who sculpted the ceramic bust called the vandalism "an act of racism." Police are investigating.