Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher was under increasing pressure over allegations that he oversaw a culture where sexual harassment was excused, as HuffPost first reported.
CEO Brian Gallagher's organization is facing financial trouble as investigators look into a culture of sexual harassment and retaliation that he allegedly fostered.
Three women filed federal charges against United Way Worldwide, accusing CEO Brian Gallagher of targeting them after they spoke up about sexual harassment. Two were fired.
Women in New Hampshire could soon face misdemeanor charges if they go topless at the beach.
Last year at the Carlyle, Hilty was pregnant. Her television series Smash had ended, and was the focus of her show. This year and much to her surprise, as she said, not only does the memory linger, but Smash has become a cult classic
Gallagher said though that the world "feels more out of control" to people today. "We are clearly more aware of both good
The television series Smash may have ended, too abruptly for some, but its memory lingers. At center in the first season
Gallagher said charity is "not about extracting people's money," but about connecting people. Gallagher also weighed in on
United Way President and CEO Brian Gallagher sits down with HuffPost Live to discuss how the job market is changing, how to generate common good, and how charity plays a role in that.
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