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The tour started this summer with a build up toward a gig at South Point Casino in Las Vegas. "It's a work in progress leading
Band says postponed shows may be rescheduled with "guest vocalist."
AC/DC is a family event now. The arenas are filled with people like me, wanting to share the experience with kids and anyone that hasn't seen them live. Your feet will lift off the floor.
In February, the singer said in a radio interview that the band would try to "do 40 shows to thank the fans for their undying
[The area] was a tract of land in a corner of the park where nobody would ever go because it was not part of a festival.... The
Start one thing, stop one thing. What is the one practice that you know would benefit your life? Is it exercise, mediation
You have a great line in the book about God. Well I don't believe in religion let's put it that way. I believe all religions
After Georgia took an early two-run lead in the first inning, a Bulldogs player attempted to steal second base. Zunino appeared
So, you think you know all things AC/DC? Really. Well, take a hit of the essays, historical photos, memorabilia, and general overkill contained between the over 225 pages of High Voltage Rock 'N' Roll: The Ultimate Illustrated History.
When it comes to criticizing celebrities who stand up for causes and charities, especially Geldof and Bono, Brian Johnson proves to be as ignorant as music critics who don't recognize "Back In The Black" as a truly great song.
AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson is taking on Bono and Bob Geldof for their public displays of charity work. "I do it myself