Brian Karem

Many people jokingly asked if the insect was actually Stephen Miller, Betsy DeVos or Donald Trump Jr.
A journalist asked the president if he believed "if people have an opinion contrary to yours that they should be sued?”
He accused the Trump administration of trying to “stifle the First Amendment" and "inject fealty among the press corps.”
The former White House aide claimed to have been threatened by Brian Karem in the Rose Garden during a heated confrontation.
"At some point in time, we have been playing by the old rules for so long that we forgot where we are with this administration," Brian Karem said.
Things got heated at Tuesday's White House press briefing when Brian Karem, an editor from the Montgomery County Sentinel, went head-to-head with deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Sentinel reporter Brian Karem says Sarah Huckabee is being “inflammatory” in her sweeping criticism of White House media coverage.