Brian Kolfage

Federal prosecutors have alleged that Bannon’s "Build the Wall" fund served as a slush fund for the former White House adviser and his partners.
The former Trump campaign executive’s wisecrack from a June 2019 fundraising event not only predicted his indictment, but also involved a yacht.
Brian Kolfage flaunted the vessel in the Trump “Boat Parade.”
The group, We Build the Wall, announced this week that it was erecting a one-mile stretch of wall in Texas and New Mexico.
The near one-mile wall was propped up over the weekend on private land between Texas and New Mexico.
Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage said groundbreaking would begin in April. People are waiting.
The page's organizer now says he's sending the donations to his self-created nonprofit instead of the government.
Brian Kolfage's online fundraiser is officially over, but his dream of building Donald Trump's wall lives on.