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The bank had a pretty bad year, but apparently the buck stops nowhere.
Notwithstanding his encounter with notorious, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, the pope's visit to the United States last week was a success, with millions turning out to get even a glimpse of him. But some had much better views than others.
Sadly, we seldom hear of board members standing up and pushing back against management excess.
1972: walking up the hill to Marietta Junior High School in Ohio, I never imagined I would one day be working in developing nations around the world -- or cooperating with Marietta College to develop the leadership needed to do so.
April 16 (Reuters) - Bank of America Corp posted a first-quarter loss as the No. 2 U.S. bank recorded $6 billion in litigation
Bank of America co-chief operating officer Thomas Montag was awarded with $8.7 million in stock-based compensation in 2013
Mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and several large banks had established MERS in 1995 to circumvent the
The White House had no comment. Rob Nichols, the Forum's president, declined to comment and would not say whether the group
I squeezed my eyes shut and hit send. It felt like something from a shitty sitcom, or maybe from a Medieval fable about a
(Reuters) - Bank of America Corp's CEO Brian Moynihan was awarded a 73 percent pay increase in 2012, when the institution
Jan 28 (Reuters) - Bank of America Corp must focus on improving customer service as it moves past its crisis-era problems
Bank of America's recent decision to back down on new checking fees next year is further proof debit card swipe fee reform has resulted in greater marketplace competition benefitting consumers.
MBIA, which insured mortgage securities backed by subprime Countrywide loans, sued BofA in 2008, claiming that its Countrywide
"We aren't going to see a major change," said Hewson. "We've been very proactive as a leadership team in taking actions in
The bank's shares closed on Wednesday down 2 cents, or 0.2 percent lower, at $9.44. Chief Executive Brian Moynihan is still
Down the line, many hope that what Occupy has failed to accomplish, hard-nosed prosecutors might be able to provide: a measure of justice for the millions of aggrieved homeowners either forced out in foreclosure.
Under Project New BAC, Bank of America has said it planned to eliminate $5 billion in annual expenses and 30,000 jobs by
A recent court case proves what many of us have long suspected: Big banks have been ripping off this nation's towns and cities for years in an old-fashioned racketeering scam.
At the Bank of America shareholder meeting, bank executives continued to enjoy their full constitutional protections despite working for an institution with the worst rap sheet in town. The rest of us were guilty until proven innocent.