Brianna Keilar

The "Newsroom" anchor hit the rival cable network with a "Peter Pan" reference.
The CNN host assailed the Florida senator for maligning expertise and experience.
“The idea that the president is losing patience with a conspiracy theorist is like the president growing tired of watching cable news," Keilar cracked.
The "Newsroom" anchor ripped up one of the president's tactics.
After Trump told women that he would get their husbands back to work, CNN’s Brianna Keilar attacked the president’s sexist dreams.
“It’s 2020. Lassie is not coming to save us and June Cleaver is not waiting at home with meatloaf."
“There are 220,417 reasons to talk about coronavirus," the "Newsroom" anchor began as she dismantled the president's insult.
The president often claims to know nothing about issues when there's evidence that he does.
The “Newsroom” host called out the “bogus BS” of the president and his allies at the conservative network.