Brianna Keilar

Ohio Rep. Mike Turner also admitted: “No one is above the law. Donald Trump is not above the law.”
The "New Day" anchor hit the Fox News founder with a blunt question about the network's coverage of the coronavirus vaccines.
Tucker Carlson's brazen "gaslighting" was laid bare by the "New Day" anchor.
Cruz “rushed to the misinformation mother ship faster than he fled to Cancun," a "New Day" anchor said of the senator's groveling to Fox News' Tucker Carlson.
Hungary’s Victor Orbán is “just the latest strongman flavor of the week" for Trump, said “New Day” anchor Brianna Keilar.
“When the target is a Christmas tree at their workplace, it is a sacrilege. But when the target is the seat of American democracy, it’s not," said CNN's Brianna Keilar.
Carl Cameron slammed the Fox News personality's "gaslighting" and "propaganda" over COVID-19 vaccines.
"Living under a rock is the new ‘I didn’t see his tweet.'"
CNN’s “New Day” hit the network, other media outlets and GOP lawmakers with a stinging supercut that pointed out the same statistic again and again.
The Fox News personality's latest controversial comments are “a white-whistle,” said “New Day” anchor Brianna Keilar.