Boys in Soweto would push bricks around in the dirt like they were cars and have demolition derbies, he says.
As we take turns pushing her one-year-old brother in his stroller, my daughter asks me why people don't just stay away from bad people, then they won't be trafficked. I tell her that usually the story starts out with hope.
When you think of bricks, you're probably thinking of LEGOs or house building materials, but probably not a medium for making sculptures.
Whether you're gutting the whole thing or just want at small refresh, redoing your place is the perfect opportunity to incorporate
I'm one for free speech, but maybe Sarah should tone down her Facebook page and reflect real events going on such as a brick flung through the window of a Dem. Party office in Rochester.
The Home Is Where You Make It Project is shining the light on an often overlooked national problem: youth homelessness. By decorating small replicas of homes with various forms of art, homeless youth are getting their message out that they are part of our communities as well.