By James M. Dorsey Pakistan, already furious and reeling from US President Donald J. Trump’s threat to sanction it for supporting
The primal drive for recognition in the global pecking order tests reasoned restraint in the North Korean crisis.
As the latest BRICS summit approaches, the group's economic future looks bright.
Finally, investors will be sceptical about the new BRICS rating agency's ability to compensate for losses in the event that
Unique relationship The working relationship between the Government of India and the World Health Organization (WHO) is unique
The change of focus is also apparent in Brazil's relationship with Africa. Vladimir Putin's snub of Brazilian President Michel
If geopolitics can be understood as a succession of situations in which the relations among the actors constantly evolve, the chess or Go game on a world scale, the analyst has to characterize each successive configuration. In that sense, it can be argued that the current moment in global affairs is marked by a growing uncertainty and disorder.
This gift hits all the marks; monogrammed, a statement bag or luggage. Graduation season is time to celebrate huge milestones
While China and other emerging markets have pared back their investments in Africa, this has opened an opportunity for new players to step into the market. Former U.S. Ambassador David Shinn joins Eric & Cobus -- in the podcast above -- to discuss the changing landscape of foreign investment in Africa.
I'm not saying this emerging trend of the man braid is more influential than emerging markets on the global economic stage, but then again, I'm not ready to say it isn't. Just follow this trend line for yourself, and then see if you're in a buying or selling mood when the market opens.
SINGAPORE -- As the global elite descends on chilly Davos, 2016 promises to be a volatile year in emerging and frontier markets. But many signs of volatility are also sources of resilience -- and they can even provide a roadmap for the next wave of growth.
It is the season of lists: best movies, best books and on and on. Since I teach and write on globalization and international political economy, I thought I would continue a tradition I started several years ago of creating a different type of list: a geo-political-economic list -- a list of globalization's top five trends for the year.
America is having a tough time finding its footing - not only in the Middle East, but in much of the rest of the world. It almost feels like the U.S. has become a developing nation, at least on the global stage.
Brazil was heading into the semifinals of world development as an odds-on favorite. How did the country go from world-class performer to global embarrassment in what seems like the blink of an eye?
Investors have lost faith in Brazil, and rightfully so. The currency has lost 36% of its value against the U.S. dollar this year, plunging nearly 7% in the last week alone. Yields on its bond issues are spiking, as investors demand higher and higher rates to loan Brazil or Brazilian companies money.