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Team KC or Team Lo – it doesn’t matter. There’s no denying that Kristen Cavallari shined in her Monique Lhuillier gown at
Social media can help brides gather ideas, inspiration, and plan, but it's also causing indecision overload. We're finding that brides-to-be start out feeling excited, thrilled to finally be designing the day they have been dreaming of, but that exhilaration can quickly meld into anxiety, stress, and confusion.
If you think crocheting a dress would result in something only your grandmother would wear, think again. Here's the final
Another option for your dress is to transform it into custom lingerie for your first anniversary (and beyond). You'll get to recreate that magical moment when your spouse took off you wedding gown in an even sexier way!
She didn't help her up. She didn't fluff the train. She didn't offer her any accessory options. Need I say more?
The perfect bridal gown is the reason for the season. WATCH:
While pink dresses may conjure up images of little girls playing dress up, think again. Pale blushes, peaches and other soft shades exude a romantic and vintage vibe when made of layers of tulle -- perfect for a candlelit, ballroom wedding or an outdoor, rustic affair.
The bridal industry -- and everything related to it -- is like no other. Because many people love weddings for their romance and their beauty, there are a lot of professionals who want to enter the business, particularly the wedding dress business.
Do not to think of the veil as a symbol that defines who you are as a woman. Instead, see your veil as a superb accessory to your gown.
Do not to think of the veil as a symbol that defines who you are as a woman. Instead, see your veil as a superb accessory to your gown.
A showstopping bow, plunging backline, or daring cutout in rose crepe-satin: Who says your recessional shouldn't be just as dramatic as your entrance?
Whether ethereal or sophisticated or fit for a princess, your dress will not only be the most greatly anticipated "reveal" of your wedding, it will also live on forever in your wedding portraits. So it has to look great from the moment you walk down the aisle until the last song of the day is played.
Did you know October is one of the most popular months for brides to list their wedding gowns for sale? And did you know the #1 reason women sell their wedding dresses is not for the money?
But Wang also takes the wedding venue and theme -- even the number of people attending -- into consideration when designing
I can't tell you how many of my clients proclaim that they WILL lose 10 pounds before the big day! Who doesn't want to look fabulous on their wedding day? Well here are some helpful tips just in case your diet plan doesn't work out!
Remember, you are the star of the show and all eyes are fixed on you! Here are a few tips to help you streamline what can be a very overwhelming process.
Smart brides know that they can recoup hundreds, even thousands, of dollars by selling their wedding dress. What's better: cash in your pocket or a never-to-be-worn-again dress?
There are so many gorgeous bridal gowns you can choose from to wear on your big day, but picking a wedding gown isn't simply
What's the one thing you must FORGET about when you're deciding what to wear on your wedding day? Fashion.
It is important to understand what type of look a bride wants to portray on her wedding day. Does she want to hide her baby bump or show it off?