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Partly, it's the Internet to blame: there's always that gnawing sense that, if you just click around enough, you will find that 100% perfect dress.
"I do feel like Michelle Obama. If I were getting married at the Plaza, this would be perfect." --Katie "My eyes go right
With weddings becoming more culturally diverse, it's up to couples to pass along a little tradition from their individual families to create traditions of their own all without compromising style. Culture plays a large part in today's wedding, and many brides may find it to be difficult to pay homage to their culture, especially if their significant other comes from a different background.
Let's be real: Just like your bridesmaids, the chances of you actually ever wearing your wedding dress again are pretty slim. So what do you do with such a pricy piece of clothing that was made for a once in a lifetime occasion? We've got a few ideas.
If you thought buying the perfect prom dress was hard in high school, just wait until you go wedding-dress shopping.
Weddings are a big deal. Every small detail seems to matter, and the more we invest time into the planning, the more overwhelming it can become. Maybe you're the type of bride that enjoys the process, which is great! Maybe you're not, and that's great too!
The sample I'm having you step into is not even close to your size. Two thousand, three hundred and fifty-seven brides previously tried it on. Sixty-three women put it on just this morning!
Read through this comprehensive guide before shopping for your wedding dress.
You will never have a dress that you love more than your wedding gown. Trust me, I know. I really loved my gown and I don't think I've ever had something that fit me better. There are a few things you should watch out for specifically...
With seductive back cutouts, metallic accents, delicate floral appliques and beadwork, the designer's latest line is sure to be buzzed about.
Wedding dresses by Marchesa are known for being timeless and elegant and the Fall 2015 collection is no different.
By Kelle Khalil for We've loved the wedding gowns with dramatic backs that have cropped up on the bridal runways
By Kellee Khalil for Spring is the perfect time for a light, lacy wedding dress; they're classic, feminine and always
While flipping through any bridal magazine, it quickly becomes apparent that strapless and sweetheart necklines dominate
In a press release, Wang says her intention is to reach a wider audience than she could with a runway show. "The opportunity
By Naima DiFranco for Bridal Guide From delicate Chantilly to bold Alençon, lace has been the fabric of choice on the bridal
Photo by: Daughters of Simone via If you're hunting for a totally nontraditional wedding gown, you're in luck: many
Tea length skirts are one of the have-to-have-it fashion trends for 2014, and we simply adore when a ready-to-wear trend
She didn't help her up. She didn't fluff the train. She didn't offer her any accessory options. Need I say more?
Yes, people living out different lifestyles, mixing and matching what appeals to their own personal taste, and I appreciate