Bridgeport, Connecticut

Joseph DeShan had a child with a 16-year-old when he was a priest in 1990. A state arbitrator says he can continue being around children.
The state is caught in an economic straitjacket and there's no easy way out.
Weird News
The suspect allegedly sent a ransom photo of the victim with a live reptile on his back.
Black Voices
She jumped in front of the boy just before the speeding car rammed both into a wall.
Jayson Negron was shot after allegedly striking an officer with a stolen car.
She's charged with filing a false report and tampering.
This Martin Luther King Holiday, we need to be mindful of what public school educators are telling us about the state of our schools and by extension, our children and our democracy. "Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."
Teachers, of course, can lead the way, not toward some false utopia embodied in the privatizing, anti-union, agenda of the testing moguls but in education's humanistic roots -- providing young people with multiple pathways to success.
A Connecticut mom and a Florida dad were both nabbed by police for endangering (and intoxicating) their children too young