The condition of the bridge has been a focus of public debate since Tuesday’s collapse.
The 950-ton bridge was lifted into place on Saturday in order to provide a safe walkway for Florida International University students.
The bridges of Paris are not just for crossing. Each is its own unique and beautiful travel destination. Thirty-seven bridges
So there are a lot of really incredible bridges out there. Seriously, a lot. How do we know this? Because we scaled new heights in the world -- or world wide web, whatever -- to locate the most staggering ones out there.
Anyone who is following Alabama's ongoing budget crisis knows that the state is slashing funds for basic human services to try and make ends meet. Despite borrowing $437 million in 2012 to close budget shortfalls for the ensuing three years, Gov. Robert Bentley still hasn't managed to solve Alabama's budget problems, which are having an economic ripple effect throughout the state.
The new attraction was originally intended to open to the publicin May, but rainfall has pushed its opening date back toJuly
World famous Venice is also known as the "City of Canals" or the "City of Bridges."
For generations, this country's transportation infrastructure served as the backbone of our economic success. We dreamed big, we built bigger, and our economy flourished. But today, our crumbling infrastructure is slowing economic growth.
Standing at the Chauburji roundabout, observing the monument and the congestion of the traffic that skirted around the construction
Something there is about us that loves a bridge. If you've ever seen the Golden Gate or the Brooklyn or any other of the world's great bridges, recall how your heart leapt up at the sight of one these majestic wonders, the thrill--perhaps fear--as you crossed the span.
16) Fayette County, IL 11) McHenry County, IL 17) Bureau County, IL 9) Shelby County, IL 5) Will County, IL 15) St. Clair
The Catholic Church constructs barriers while speaking in doublespeak saying "we love you," "we welcome you," "we offer you 'Christian love,'" and "we are here to help you change your unwanted attractions and gender identities and expressions."
With 25% of all bridges in America being declared structurally inefficient last week, the nation's Troll People are concerned that they will soon be put out of a home.
In Tokyo, the Meguro Sky Garden that opened in 2013 is not a bridge in the conventional sense, although it covers the intersection
One may confidently presume that the experts at any such conference would opine at some length, offering insights about different
There are 61,000 structurally deficient bridges in the U.S. today and 28 percent of urban roads are in substandard condition. Quite simply, the nation's transportation infrastructure is in crisis. Congress has the ability to change it. But it must put forward a bill that takes both funding and safety seriously.