The briefings reviewed “efforts to understand and identify these threats” to air crew members, a Navy spokesperson said.
Sooner or later, you'll be called on to introduce someone -- at an industry meeting, a client event, or a community gathering. And you don't want to be that person who confuses the crowd, disappoints the speaker, and embarrasses yourself.
The "Drinking and Talking" continues as HuffPost's Sam Stein is joined by Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz, Yahoo News! White House correspondent's Oliver Knox, April Ryan, and HuffPost's own Jen Bendery. This time they discuss exactly what goes on inside the White House briefing room.
Candidates' debates have since 1960 become indispensable media elements in a presidential campaign. Some politicians can be well-prepped for these high-visibility bouts... and others simply cannot.
A day after bashing lobbyists, President Barack Obama's administration has invited K Street insiders to join private briefings